Sports betting, and sports betting in Canada, are enormously popular in Canada. Every weekend thousands of Canadians tune into a major television network to witness their team’s play or to follow their teams through various leagues. All Canadian teams have their own television stations and numerous radio stations deliver live game coverage on a regular basis. In addition, all Canadians who travel abroad and are interested in participating in international sports activities frequently make it their 먹튀폴리스 aim to purchase sports betting tickets in order to follow their teams. NHL games are also regularly on television in Canada and all Canadians sports enthusiasts have at least one favorite U.S. based team as well as a favorite Canadian football team.

Position of Government of Canada on Sports Betting

To date, the government of Canada has remained firm in their position of not legalizing single event sports betting. Their main reason for this position is that the government does not believe that gambling is condoned in the country. Although Canadian law already allows bookmakers to allow and even encourage gambling among customers in other countries, the government of Canada does not feel that it is proper for Canadians to do the same themselves.

Legalizing Sports Betting

This is where the idea of legalizing sports betting comes in. Although many Canadians continue to remain adamant in their positions against legalized sports betting there are many members of the Canadian House of Representatives and Senate that are in favor of legalizing Canadian betting. These members of the house feel that if the United States legalizes it there will be huge increases in the amount of people that will be traveling to Canada to partake in this activity. The legalization bill could also generate revenues for the Canadian government from the increased sales of tickets. Legalization proponents also claim that by legalizing sports betting more people would be motivated to partake in the activity and therefore the Canadian sports betting industry would be stimulated.

Recently the Liberal party has been leading in the charge to have the legalization of Canadian sports betting approved. Justin Trudeau is the leader of the Liberal party in the House of Commons. He is also the member of the governing party in the Senate. Recently Mr. Trudeau met with provincial cabinet ministers and was present at the conference table in Ontario where the provinces were working on a new marijuana bill. The meeting resulted in the provinces bowing to pressure from the Liberals and adopting a similar model to the one the United States has implemented in Colorado.

If the provincial governments to follow suit and adopt a similar plan to the one in the United States, it is expected that Canadians will soon be able to place a single-game wager on sports events that take place in their provinces. Whether or not this legislation receives Royal Assent is another matter. Mr. Trudeau has been quite vocal about his desire to see this legislation pass into a federal government law and he is not waiting. If the provinces want to be in line with what the rest of the western world is doing then they will pass a bill for the regulation of sports betting.

If Mr. Trudeau becomes Prime Minister, he may not only have the opportunity to introduce a sports betting regulation bill into the House of Commons, but he may also have the chance to make himself a hero in the eyes of Canadians by presenting a world leading piece of legislation that allows Canadian sports betting. Right now, Canadians enjoy world renowned sports shows such as The Grey Cup and the CFL. It is quite possible that once Mr. Trudeau becomes prime minister, Canadians may be able to enjoy even more world-class sports events like the NFL draft and other sports events that take place in Canada. This may be the first step towards the legalization of sports betting in Canada, but it may just be the first step in a long series of steps that leads to legalized sports betting across the entire country.

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