Betting on horse racing is widely done at most horse races held in any country. It originated in the UK during the reign of king James I. Horse gamblers would bet on the probable final placing of the horses participating in a particular race.

Ever since, horse betting has been a popular pastime enjoyed by many people. The concept of wagered horse races was later taken to the US and eventually became a very big hit. Even today, people still bet on horse racing. Gambling on horses for profit is, however, banned in some tracks.

There are several types of bets in horse racing; a long shot, a favorite, the understrider, the half-time winner, and the post position. Long shot betting is done by taking a long view of the races and betting according to the favorite. This type of betting is usually done in one day and includes many ‘tweens’. Favorites are the bets that are more often than not won by one horse.

Over the last few years, bookmakers have begun offering ‘point’ betting. In this type of betting, punters have to pay only after they get a chance to make a profit. This type of betting is not legal in many states in US. Many horse racing enthusiasts prefer this kind of bookmaker. However, not all bookmakers are able to offer this service.

‘Foam’ betting is another method used by many bookmakers in horse race betting. This is also not legal in some states in US, so it is not advisable to place any bet on Foam Wagering. But, if you are willing to pay a small amount of money for each wager, you can surely make a profit from this type of betting. Many people who are new to this betting method will opt for Foam Wagering.

Lastly, there are the ‘exotic bets’ and the’spot’ picks. The exotic bet involves betting on races where there is no popular horse being placed. In other words, all the leading horses are not present in the race and the bookies will try their luck by placing these exotic bets.

The ‘exotic bets’ involve betting on races where the horse that is supposed to win is not present in the list of horses. So, the bets on these races are called as the ‘exotic bets’. On the contrary, the ‘spot’ is the money bet on the winning horses. This type of betting is usually preferred by bettors who have experience in handicapping the events.

You can also place ‘top plays’ and ‘second best plays’ on these types of races. This will ensure that you can win a good profit on your wagers. However, you should be careful about betting on top plays or second best plays because the bookmakers may sometimes put a little bit extra money on these deals. So, if you are sure that you are getting better return on your bets, then it would be advisable to go with the second best plays and top plays. You can also make use of ‘totem stick’ to avoid losing a wager.

The last type of wager is the exact order wager. On this wager, the place and the actual wager of the horse will be considered as the same. So, if you have the exact information about the order of the race, then you can win a bet of the exact amount that you have put on your horse. However, you can choose to place the actual wager at any point of time in the race or at the end of the race.

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