Sports broadcasting is the actual live broadcast of sports events as either a television show radio show, or other broadcast media. It typically involves one or more sports analysts commenting on events as they occur. In recent years, there has also been the rise of podcasts that feature regular commentaries on sports events. Broadcasters who are involved in the sports industry also sometimes commentate for various sports websites and blogs. They are often called in to commentate on game stats, injuries, and other things pertaining to sports and athletes.

As a degree program with a major focus on sports broadcasting, you will be prepared for a variety of jobs that are related to that particular field. Some of the jobs that you might find yourself having a chance for include play-by-play announcer, sportscaster, play-by-voice, studio host, and others. You will have to develop your own style in order to stand out in the vast crowd of competitors for a job as a sportscaster. Many people who work in sports broadcasting have to learn how to use both the broadcast equipment and microphones. In the sports industry, you can expect to never have a job without learning something new on a daily basis. With that being said, here are some general skills that every sports broadcasting graduate should master:

You will have to take at least two years before you graduate from a reputable college or university with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism to gain entry to the competitive world of the sports media industry. Almost every network and radio station in the United States require an internship before they hire full-time employees. In order to land your dream job, you will need the skills learned in your education, including communication skills, reporting abilities, professionalism, good writing skills, and an ability to work well under pressure.

Even though there are a wide variety of universities with broadcast journalism degrees, you may choose to go to a university where you can pursue your graduate studies. You may even choose to enroll in the University of Missouri – Columbia. The campus in Columbia is one of the most respected in the entire country, especially amongst sports media professionals.

As mentioned above, you can either get your Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from a university in Missouri, or you can pursue graduate studies at a university that offers a major in Sports Broadcast Journalism. As mentioned above, the University of Missouri is among the most highly respected colleges/universities in the country. When choosing a program at the University of Missouri, be sure to consider not just the internship opportunities, but also the course load and ratio of students versus faculty. will find that there are many professors that are extremely busy with actual sports broadcast TV stations, which makes having an actual personal teaching component very difficult. This is why I always suggest that you begin your search for a graduate program early so that you can narrow down your search based upon class load, faculty, and student/faculty ratio.

In conclusion, if you have interests in the sports industry, the television industry, radio, or both, you should seriously consider pursuing a career in sports broadcasting. While the job outlook for people with this type of background is not good, it is projected to grow rapidly given the huge demand for skilled sports media professionals in today’s society. So make sure to look into a number of different options early on, because as with everything else in life, you never know where things are going to go. Finding a successful career in the sports industry can be a bit of a challenge, but if you apply yourself and use some common sense, you should be able to do just fine.g

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